Every time I visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) with my son, I fall in love a little more. I love how calm the Garden is. I love how it makes me feel like I am in another world. I love how my son reacts to the trees and flowers; how he instantly calms down the moment we enter the gates of the Garden.

The Garden is an excellent place to take your child. They love looking around at the different plants, flowers and trees. And if they are walking, there is plenty of room for them to run around the various winding roads and paths.

They also have a discovery garden to children over 3 years of age, but you can walk with your baby through it as well.

Admission to the Garden is $8.00 for adults, and free for children under 12. On Tuesdays admission is free all day. It is also free to visit the BBG on Saturdays from 10am -12pm.

The Garden offers a variety of memberships. The individual and family memberships are pretty decently priced if you plan on going often. To find out more about the BBG and membership options, click here