I require my therapist to care about me and respect my humanity

What do I want in a therapist? I don’t know what I want in a therapist. When I first started therapy, I had no idea what to expect. My therapist was an older woman, and I’ve mentioned her before on this blog; she was kind, and she listened more than she talked. At the time, [...]

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I want to know everything about you…or do I?

Curiosity When I'm first getting to know a new friend, my curiosity is piqued. I want to know everything about them. I'm interested to hear their stories about childhood, where they grew up, their pets, their siblings, the relationship they had with their parents and how it was for them to be a child. I [...]

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Making Art Heals Me

Making Art Heals Me Sometimes I’m tired of talking about myself in therapy. It's exhausting, and I feel like I'm talking in circles. How much can I talk about my childhood, heartbroken adolescence, and fragmented adulthood? I know that therapy helps, but it can feel draining. Since I was 15, I’ve been through many different [...]

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Ready Player Sarah Fader

I recently saw the film Ready Player One, which is based on a book about a virtual reality world where people are different versions of themselves. In this world, you can be whoever you see yourself as. If you are gawky and pimply in "real life" you can be a supermodel in this virtual world. [...]

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Finding the Help I Need

There have been times when I have been at a loss as to what was going to help me. I was depressed, having passive suicidal ideation, and feeling like things just weren't getting better. My panic attacks were daily, and nothing seemed to help. I tried everything from going to a Reiki healer to an [...]

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