Making Art Heals Me

Making Art Heals Me Sometimes I’m tired of talking about myself in therapy. It's exhausting, and I feel like I'm talking in circles. How much can I talk about my childhood, heartbroken adolescence, and fragmented adulthood? I know that therapy helps, but it can feel draining. Since I was 15, I’ve been through many different [...]

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The Afternoon Sketches

I am pleased to announce that The Afternoon Sketches are now available.The artist has been working in seclusion on these pieces.He is willing to sell them separately or as a set. For more information on what inspired this collection, email the artist via his agent

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The Breakfast Collection – Canvases

Ari has recently decided that he is an artist. And when he is is involved in the creative process he cannot be disturbed.When Uncle Mike and him spent some time together, Ari channeled his creative energy and created "The Breakfast Collection."Here is it:If you are interested in purchasing "The Breakfast Collection" it is sold only [...]

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Back in the old days when Old Navy didn't exist, people actually made their own clothes, they wove them. Today I was subbing for a 5th grade class and this afternoon they had a weaving workshop.All the kids in the class and me (the teacher for the day) got to weave!Cynthia, who recently opened her [...]

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