Fighting With Text Messaging

This morning I got a text message from a friend asking me how I was. I thought about replying and then I decided against it. I think the text messaging era is out of control.People are calling each other less and less. I can't tell you how many text messages I receive asking "how I [...]

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Internet Emotions or Lack Thereof

What I'm about to write may sound hypocritical. It makes me sad that we, as people, express our ourselves and our emotions primarily through the internet and text messaging. Now I know what you're thinking, "You're a blogger!" Yes, I am. And I love blogging! But I also relish in expressing myself in "real life."I [...]

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Ari’s Desktop Design

Apparently, I underestimated my toddler's technology smarts. He was able to successfully change the desktop background on my computer. When I caught him, he had climbed up onto the computer chair, and was furiously clicking the mouse. He managed, in this process, to change the desktop background to this picture:Amazing! All I could do was [...]

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