Chasing Ghosts

I can remember your smile. I recall your laugh. We went on adventures together where we chased imaginary cars and closed restaurants. And you, a different you, I know you but we just met. Every time we see each other it’s like time hasn’t passed. I can see your eyes across the table. The creases [...]

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Be In Me

Touch me again. Hold me close. Be in me. I feel your skin. Everything is horrible and wonderful wrapped up in a hurricane. You're my drug. I breathe you in and feel you inside me. Warmth and exhilaration resonates through my body. Starting inside my chest and pouring all the way down out me. You don't [...]

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Friday: A Poem

Friday Friday here you areI wish I could play the guitar!When all is said and all is doneFriday comes I have wonA battle to survive the weekMy outlook is no longer bleakI want to sing, I want to shoutOpen the door and let the weekend out!The rain is here and I still want to cheerFriday [...]

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