I can remember your smile. I recall your laugh. We went on adventures together where we chased imaginary cars and closed restaurants. And you, a different you, I know you but we just met. Every time we see each other it’s like time hasn’t passed. I can see your eyes across the table. The creases in your face when you laugh. And you, another you, I remember your voice, soothing, guiding me through the emotional waves. Helping me stay steady. Also you, another you, we danced across the street together listening to honking cars. I’ll never forget you. All of you. sometimes I try to find you. I’m running, panting, and sweating. But you are somewhere else. I can see you through dirty glass. When I try to get a clearer picture my eyes hurt. You are ghosts who are still living. And it hurts me to think about it. But I accept the pain and I cherish the memories.