BernThis! An Interview With Jessica Bern

When I became a mom, I was forced to come to a harsh realization: just because you've had a child (as I have) does not mean we can automatically be friends. I've had a hard time finding mom friends that I connected with.Similar to my "real life" experience, I've also had a hard time finding [...]

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Vegan Cookie Giveaway at Stumptown Crunch!

Remember those amazing vegan ginger cookies I told you about? The ones my friend and fellow mama blogger Amanda made?If you don't recall, I'll remind you. These would be the cookies I'm referring to:Amanda is hosting a vegan cookie giveaway on her blog! And get this? There are several varieties of cookies to choose from! [...]

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I Love Canadian Mamas

I've been blogging for a bit now, and have read countless mom blogs other than my own. I've noticed that I really seem to click with Canadian moms! I don't know what it is, but I love them. Yay for Canada!Now don't get all excited! There are plenty of awesome, down to earth U.S. mom [...]

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The Unorthodox Mom

My great friend Cordy has just started her very own mom blog; The Unorthodox Mom. She is hysterically funny and outrageous. She is a self-described "ex-wild child" who has two children: a wacky 16 month old Aquarius and a sweet five month old Capricorn.So check out The Unorthodox Mom blog. I promise you will laugh [...]

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