The Communal Bed is Out of Control!

My son and the cats have been sleeping in my bed for at least a month. For a while it was cute, but now I'm getting cranky and resentful about it. Here are a list of my complaints about the communal bed:1. My son is a bed hog. He splays his entire body throughout the [...]

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Big Boy Bed

I was told by multiple sources that it was time to transition my son to a "big boy bed" when he was able to successfully climb out of his crib by himself. I met a mom in Dunkin' Donuts who gave me a great idea to get him comfortable with this new space.She suggested that [...]

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Ready For a Bed?

Last night I saw something amazing, my son climbed out of his pack 'n play.I attempted to place him back in the crib to see if this incident was a fluke. But the moment his feet touched the Pack 'n Play mattress, he began to scale the walls and he was out of the crib [...]

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