For me sex and love are interconnected. I suppose I would consider myself demisexual. This  means that in order to have sex with somebody I have to have an intellectual and deep connection with that person. I know many people who can disconnect from their brains and have sex with somebody that they don’t necessarily have an intellectual
connection with but that’s not me. The person that I have sex with. I have to be attracted to the person’s brain.

It’s difficult to find somebody that I connect with on that level and when I do find them I hold on tight. Because I love the intimacy associated with sex and someone I am in love with. Because I live with bipolar type 2, I experience hypersexuality. However I do not engage in risky sexual behavior in the sense that I’m not involved with multiple partners. I believe firmly in monogamous relationships and I don’t care to experiment with dating multiple people at once because frankly it overwhelms me.

I find sex and love  interconnected, but there are people who do not as I mentioned before. There are individuals that have an addiction to sex and it causes them to feel shame and guilt. Sex addiction is treated in a variety of ways including therapy, group therapy, and going to support groups. There is a form of therapy called aversion therapy that deters people
from doing behaviors that are harmful. The problem with using aversion therapy in regards to sex addiction is that you don’t want to give somebody a complex when it comes to their sexuality. Sex is a part of life and you don’t want to deprive somebody of having a healthy sex life, but you also don’t want them to behave in an irresponsible or self destructive way. Often when it comes to sex addictions people do just that.

Figuring out why you have a sex addiction is done by observing your behavior and learning about why you’re seeking out sex so often ain potentially dangerous situations. Gaining the emotional insight into why you’re addicted to sex will allow you to curb the addiction  in a way that is healthier.

Remember that there is nothing to feel ashamed of for having a sex life. There is nothing to feel ashamed of for having an addiction to sex. You didn’t do anything wrong, you are simply struggling with a real mental health issue. So now is the time for you to get the help that you need. You can reach out and talk to therapist and they will help you to get well.