Astronauts have a demanding job. They have to perform research in a place that is completely foreign to them. It’s not even another country, they are out there in space. They are performing this specific kind of research in a “microgravity environment.” It’s not like the research a scientist might perform in a lab. They are literally floating while learning about stuff in space. We can learn a thing or do from astronauts. Here are four things that you can learn from our friends up there exploring space.

1. Be curious

Astronauts are constantly researching and learning about new findings. They are just not doing it on earth or in a lab. Still, they are finding things out! The first thing we can learn from an astronaut is to always be curious. Astronauts are naturally curious people and they have to be. That’s how we have all the information we do about what’s up there in space.When you’re curious you are bound to learn new things and open your mind to exciting information that you didn’t know about before!

2. Body Awareness

When you’re an astronaut, your body is reacting differently to the environment it’s in. You have to be more aware of what it’s doing and how you can stay healthy in a unique environment: space. Astronauts have a specific diet that they have to eat. Food is prepared either from freeze-dried goods or processed and preserved food like meats. They have to make an effort to stay healthy while they are doing an extremely important job. Even though we are not in space, we can all work on being more aware of what our bodies are doing, the sensations we have and what we can do to stay healthy. Astronauts need to worry about staying healthy because they’re not in their native environment. Space can take a toll on the body and the mind.

3. Be a mentor

There is a special class of astronauts called: Mission Specialist Astronauts. They work as space educators and mentors. Their goal is to inspire students to join the US Space Program. We can learn from these astronauts because it’s important to give back the knowledge that we’ve received. If you have a skillset that you’d like to share with others, do it! Share your gift with the world and more specifically those who will appreciate it.

4. Be brave

Going into space is a brave feat. Astronauts have to leave their families behind in order to explore the unknown. That is the epitome of bravery. In our lives, we do the best when we take risks. If you’re thinking about making a career change, dying your hair purple or moving to a new city, do it! Let’s take a page from the book of our astronaut friends.

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