Free floating, heart racing

Trying to make it through this one minute

Knowing there will be many more minutes, seconds, hours, days and years

or something along those lines and I’m hungry but for the wrong emotions

I can’t be right today or is it today?

I’m not sure if it’s today or tomorrow or Friday or Tuesday.

It’s Monday, and I know it. I’m just fucking with you…whoever you are.

I wrote a lot of words and I’m not sure if they are good because

I’m waiting for unanswered emails

and I have a profound fear of rejection that I

keep pushing through knowing that

not everyone likes me and

in fact the few people that do, I can count on one hand on a given day

because I annoy the shit out of myself so

how can anyone actually like me?

But they do…like me.

Anxiety causes my thoughts to race, my chest to expand, my heart to question what I know to be true and

I’m glad that you’re reading this, because

it means that these emotions are being validated by

your eyes.