My kids love balloons. There is a local toy store who offers a balloon with the purchase of any toy. When we received the Wubble X toy in the mail, I knew they were going to like it, because it’s essentially a big floating balloon. Wubble X comes with a helium tank, a straw and a plastic blob that inflates into big bubble. The instructions for creating the Wubble X were fairly easy to understand. The straw connected to the plastic jelly blob and the helium tank inflated it. The end result was this:

photo 2

The kids loved playing “volleyball” ¬†with Wubble X. Check out how it works in this video:

It’s a lot of fun to watch the Wubble X suspended in the air. It looks like a bubble, but unlike a bubble which pops imminently after it’s creation, the Wubble can be played with for longer periods of time. I could imagine having multiple Wubble X toys at a party and batting them around for fun with a bunch of kids. I would recommend the Wubble X for kids five and up.

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