I have big boobs. I wear a 34DD. It is extremely challenging to find a bra that fits me, so when I walked into Victoria’s Secret and found this bra, I was psyched.



I know, I look like Madonna circa 1985 here. Anyway, it took the saleswoman a few tries to find my size.

“Is it a popular size?” I asked her.

“Oh yeah,” she said “They sell quickly. It’s actually my size too.”

That made me feel a little bit better. I am self-conscious about my chest, so hearing that she was the same size comforted me. Then came the difficult part. Bras are generally quite expensive so I asked her: “how much is this one?”

“39.50,” she replied.

Then I found the tag. It read 42.50.

I showed it to her and she replied (with a sigh) “Oh that’s right, it’s a double that’s why it’s three dollars extra.”

I stood there in shock for a moment.

“It’s not fair, they’re discriminating against us because we have big boobs.” She said with a small chuckle.

Though she was half-joking, the saleswoman was right. Are women with big breasts being singled out here? It can’t take that much extra fabric to make a DD bra than a regular D. Bras are expensive enough as it is. Do they really need to charge an extra three dollars because the cup size is slightly larger? It seems a bit unfair.

In the end, I bought the bra, but I still feel badly about it. It feels like I am supporting a theory that having big boobs should cost you more. I am paying more to have a curvy body. I don’t condone this and I think Victoria’s secret should make one style of bra the same price double cup or not.

Are you with me?