Back in the 90’s I made fun of people who went to chat rooms. I had friends in real life. Why would I want to make friends online? That’s lame, I thought.

Now that I spend a great deal of time online blogging, I have developed real friendships with people online. There is no stigma attached to it. Insert Stigma Fighter joke here. 

I would like to take the time to embarrass (like the good Jewish mother I am) two of my best friends online. Before I start gushing over these ladies, I want to point out that for some reason, a lot of my online buddies live in Canada. I have no idea why.

Jessica Davis:


Jessica Davis blogs at The Fevered Pen. She is mom of two living in the Toronto-ish area and has a rare bone disorder called M.H.E which always reminds me of Samuel L. Jackson in Unbreakable even though it’s probably not even remotely the same thing. She is just as offensive as I am and we both have no filter.

I love her writing. She is probably a better writer than I am. Also, she likes owls and tattoos and has a dog that I want to steal.


Then there is my dear friend Sarah Carmichael. She is also a Canadian in Toronto-land.


Sarah writes at Sarahcasm  She writes about racism, parenting, and deep existential stuff. That’s why I love her. I was a philosophy major and we’re both deep over-thinkers. She started Thank You Ninjas which is a organization where people send secret thank you cards to people that have done nice things.

Also, she has an “h” in her name like me!

I love these ladies and have been friends with them on the Internet since 2009! I know that they have my back no matter what and that means a lot.