I’ve been running Stigma Fighters  since April and it’s been a wonderful experience. Real people living with mental illness are sharing their stories and reducing the stigma associated with diagnoses like bipolar, panic disorder, depression and ADHD.

One of the best moments of my life was getting to speak about Stigma Fighters on national television on Good Day New York Fox 5.

One thing I am noticing is that some folks are hesitant to share their stories publicly for a variety of societally based reasons. A mother told me she was afraid to disclose her mental illness because she is in the midst of a custody battle and is fearful about what the court system and her ex might think.

Another man told me he would love to share his story, but he is looking for a job and is fearful that potential employers may read his story and discriminate against him on the basis that he suffers from depression.

All of this makes me sad about the state of things. This is why we need to be brave. This is why we should try to share our stories to eradicate stigma and its evil face.

So keep it up Stigma Fighters! Let’s do this!

Photo on 5-15-14 at 3.01 PM