I’m a little crazy. My friends know this. My friend Donna and I have this theory that 10 percent of every person is crazy. Even the most “normal” looking person has a streak of crazy in them; kind of like a skunk’s white streak.



The person in the above picture (me) is mostly functional but has moments of pronounced irrationality. There are times when I overreact to something someone has said to me. I also might cry for “no reason.”

The point is that every person has moments of “craziness.” No one is entirely functional all the time.

Here’s the the thing, since we’re all crazy (a little bit) we need to accept other people’s craziness or idiosyncrasies. That’s how you know who your friends are.

Your true friends accept the fact that you might get pissed off because the tablecloth is blue when you expected it would be orange. They’ll laugh internally and give you a hug. They’ll tell you that it’s okay that there’s a blue tablecloth. It’s not the end of the world. Someday, your orange tablecloth will come. Until that day, let’s just eat cookies and forget about it.

So embrace your crazy. Certainly don’t hide it. Because your true friends will get you and your quirks.

This message was brought to you by Sarah Fader, who gets pissed off when there’s no more cinnamon in her pantry.