Recently, I’ve had opportunity to connect with Approved Colleges, a website dedicated to the advancement of students pursuing their degrees online. I am a tenacious individual who doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants. That includes my educational career. I am going back to finish my graduate degree in the Fall 2014 and I’m extremely excited about it.


Approved Colleges is an educational database where students looking to pursue online education can search for a variety of degrees. Looking through their degree listings, I was surprised to find some truly unique courses of study.

For example, you can study how to create furniture online. That’s kind of awesome. Check that degree out here You can also pursue your master’s degree in speech language pathology, which I was considering seriously for a while. Here’s more on that degree Another viable option for those who are inclined in the culinary arts is to study gourmet cooking!

There are so many different educational paths. That’s what I love about the concept of online education. You can pursue a path that you’re passionate about all from the comfort of your home. Online degrees are the future of education. Pursuing online education is a viable option for parents, who may not be able to feasibly get to a physical classroom. There is more flexibility with an online course of study. You can some freedom in the way your structure your “school day.”

Approved Colleges is a unique site in that it is the only place on the Internet right now that provides a complete compilation of all online offerings in the United States. 

This site has done some pioneering research in the field of online education. I would highly recommend checking out what they have to say with regard to online education. You can read more about their findings here.

Those of you looking to go back to school to pursue your dreams, check out Approved Colleges. I’m quite sure they have what you’re looking for.