We were in line at Dunkin Donuts. An elderly lady stood behind me in line. She clutched my arm. Her hands were cold.

“Oh you’re so warm!” She said. “I’m always cold.”
“You know what they say? Cold hands, warm heart.” I said with a smile.
I instinctively rubbed her hand to warm it.
“That feels so nice.” She said smiling back. “I can’t stand for so long.” She said.
“You can go ahead of me in line.” I told her.
“Do you have grandkids?” I asked.
“Oh sure. They’re all almost through college.” She replied.
“Nice.” I replied “Any great grandkids?”
“Not yet. Soon!” She said with a laugh. I laughed too.
“Are those yours?” She said pointing to Ari and Samara who were looking at the juice cooler.
“Yes. They are.”
“Beautiful,” she said. I was still rubbing her cold hand. “Here, buy something for the kids.” With that she handed me three dollars. I bought donuts.
There is good in the world.