“You’re on Facebook a lot.”
“You’re funny on Facebook.”
“I see your posts on Facebook.”
“You = Facebook.”

I’ve heard all of those things. The people that said them are right, I am on Facebook a lot. Some of the people saying that they see my on Facebook all the time are being judgmental. Perhaps they think that I have no life and spend my entire day posting random shit on Facebook.

I’ve also heard passive aggressive remarks that go like this:
“Facebook is such a time suck. I never go on there.”
“I don’t have time for that.”

Translation, “you’re a loser because you’re on Facebook all the time and I am superior to you because I have an important life and I’m too good for the Internet.”

You know what, good for you! If you don’t go on Facebook that’s wonderful. I’m glad you’re enjoying your life. I’m happy for you! But don’t make me feel badly about the fact that I am enjoying posting random shit on Facebook.

Things I like to post on Facebook:

  • Pictures of my kids being silly
  • Pictures of my kids being adorable
  • Pictures of my kids period
  • Pictures of cats
  • Pictures of weird things I see on the street including strange street signs and street performers
  • Funny articles 
  • Informative articles 
  • More cat pictures
  • Pictures of myself when I feel attractive or (what the Internet calls “selfies”.)
  • Links to my blog
  • And the most frequent thing I post – Random thoughts that I have in my head that I’m afraid I’m going to forget unless I type them out. 

Yes, I am on Facebook a lot. But remember this, I have two kids. I am with my children 24 hours a day. Sometimes, I need a break. That break includes Facebook. I can skim my newsfeed and read funny articles that other people have posted. I can look at cute pictures of my friends’ kids. I can read funny blog posts. I can take a break.

I want to make something clear, just because I’m on Facebook frequently doesn’t mean that:

  • I’m ignoring my kids.
  • I don’t go outside
Half the time I’m posting shit on Facebook I’m walking with the kids in the stroller, or I’m at the playground sitting down for a moment. This is the joy of having Facebook mobile. 
My kids are loved and I spent time with them, Facebook posting or not. 
I’m also not “addicted to Facebook.” If it disappeared tomorrow I would be just fine. I didn’t have a Facebook account for 27 years of my life, and I was a fully functional human.
The point is, it’s just a place for me to take a break. And hopefully I make you laugh every once in a while with my random head thoughts. 
End of Facebook rant.