Ari wrote a story yesterday. As the Native Americans did, he recited his story aloud. My mom was there to record it:

I felt it was important to document this momentous milestone (Ari’s first story) here. So without further ado, I present The Old Fireman:

The Old Fireman
By Ari

Once there was an old man. He wanted to turn into a fireman. But he couldn’t turn into a fireman, because he didn’t have magic. He visited the firefighters and he told the firefighters and he said:
“Can I be a firefighter?”

The fireman said “You can’t be a firefighter.” The fireman also said “you can only be a firefighter when it is Friday. But today is Monday.”

So the old man went back to his old house. It was a dark time. The man was sleeping. And then it was morning time. The old man went to the fire station again. The old man asked the firefighter if he could be a fireman today.
The fireman said “Yes, so put on your boots and put on your hat. There is an emergency!”

Then everyone in the city was sleeping.

The End.