One day, I was looking at the Complete Works of Shakespeare that I’ve owned since my sophomore year of college. I kept getting this nagging feeling that I wanted to start Ari on Shakespeare, but I couldn’t decide what play to read first.

I’m an actress myself, and a graduate of Performing Arts High School (the Fame school) so Shakespeare has been an integral part of my life.

I remembered hearing an audio version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream when I was in the sixth grade. I’ve also seen multiple
productions of it, although I’ve never performed in one myself.

My recollection of Midsummer was that it was a fun light hearted play with mistaken identity and lovers getting mixed up. There are also fairies. Kids like fairies.

We started reading a scene a night. I stop during the scenes to explain what’s going on.

Today we read the scene where the players, Quince, Bottom and company are getting ready to perform Pyramus and Thisbe. Snug asks if he can play the lion because he’s afraid to have real lines and he can handle roaring.

I explained to Ari that Snug was going to be the lion and he laughed and said:
“I can roar too! Roar!”

We both laughed. I love a
five year-old’s perspective on Shakespeare.

I’m having fun remembering Midsummer as I reread it myself.

Would you read your kid Shakespeare?
What play would you start with?