I was in the city today with Ari today going to pick up a check for transcription when a man stopped me.

“I’m sorry,” he said “I normally don’t do this, but I had to stop you because one of your spirit guides was calling out to me. Do you believe in spirit guides?”
“Yes, I do.” I said.

There is a part of my personality that is deeply spiritual.

“I usually don’t do this, but I do aura and energy work. Would you like a reading?” He asked.
“I’m sorry, but I have to go pick up a check.” I said. ” I can meet you back here in 20 minutes.” I said.

He agreed.

Ari and I went to get my check and returned to the spot we were in previously.

We got some pizza and waited. I wondered if the man would return. He did.
“What’s your sign?” I asked him.
“I’m a Capricorn.”
“What’s your moon sign?” I asked him.
“Oh, I never tell anyone that. Not even my boyfriend knows.”

He was from L.A., he said. He told me that he did this energy work in California, and that he only worked with five people a year. He had one opening left, the fifth one, and that was reserved for me. He was smooth and well-dressed and wore designer sunglasses.

I told him I couldn’t afford much for the reading. He said that was okay, and we settled on $25.00.
The reading was intense. He asked me to think of three questions I wanted to know the answers to. I did. He intuitively knew things about me before I could say them. He just knew.

He could tell that I was a creative person. He said that one day I would inspire a lot of people. That I would stop people from dying.

The man told me that he never stops people. That my spirit guide was tugging on his ear because she wanted to give me a message. She wanted to tell me that my life was going through a major transition. There was darkness surrounding me. It needed to be removed in order for me to succeed.

He said that I’d sought out healers in the past, but none of them had ever “really” helped me.

As the reading progressed, the dynamic between he and I began to change. He asked me for more money. He needed to burn three candles (with specific spiritual ingredients only communicated to him by my spirit guides) in order to help me. I told him that I could only give him a small amount of money, that I needed to pay my phone bill. He persisted.

I ended up giving this man $70 (which was way less than what he asked for by the way) so that he could light candles for me. $70 went from my hand to his.

He told me to make three wishes.

I did.

He asked for my phone number and I gave it to him.

I believed him.

Until he left. Then it hit me what had just happened. I called my friend Kay, and he confirmed what I already knew. I had been swindled. While I was on the phone with Kay at Target, a man on the escalator stopped me.

“Excuse me,” he said, “I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation. I just want to let you know that a real healer wouldn’t approach you on the street and give you spiritual advice. That’s intrusive.”
I looked at the man, from his dress I could tell he was a religious Jew.
“Okay,” I said “but you probably don’t believe in this stuff.”
“Yes I do.” He said. “I’m a healer myself. You think it’s a coincidence that you’re meeting me. You’re bringing this energy to yourself.” He said.
“What do you do?” I asked.
“I’ll tell you,” He said “But I’m in a bit of a rush since Shabbos starts soon and I’m meeting my wife. I’ve cured cancer and other major diseases.” He said.
“Would you work with me?” I asked.
“Sure, but check out my website before you commit to anything.”

He gave me his name and website.

“Can I tell you what I’m looking for help with?” I asked
“Of course.” He said.
“I have anxiety.” I said plainly.
“Your digestion is poor.” He said without thinking. “You worry and you’re not processing food properly, therefore you’re not processing emotions properly either.”
That blew my mind, because this man knew nothing about me and he was right. He went on to tell me a few more things that rang incredibly true but I can’t remember them now. I do remember that he told me that it was important to get in touch with my faith. He said that would ground me.

I’m not quite sure what to think. I know that the first “healer” was a con artist. But the second guy seemed legitimate.

I do know this, I’m not going to let any more money escape my hands to spiritual healers.