The following is a sponsored post, which I have been compensated for. I love London! I have fond memories of my semester abroad there, and I would love to take Ari and Samara back to the U.K. to visit some day. If you’re planning a trip to London check these museums out! I know I will 🙂

Getting the kids out and about is part and parcel of the summer holidays; they’re a perfect opportunity to break the normal cycle and enjoy some quality time with your kids that ordinarily, you may not get. While there’s often plenty to do closer to home, a trip to the Big Smoke could be just what you all need, with endless things to do that will suit all the family.

Forcing them on a walking tour of London, to catch sight of all of the iconic landmarks, is one sure-fire way to make them cranky – it’s tiring for adults on sightseeing tours, let alone the young ones. Instead, plan child-friendly trips to attractions that appeal to the younger, inquisitive mind, such as the plethora of fun and interactive museums that the city holds. If you’re considering staying in the central London for more than just a day (after all, you will need more than a day to see everything you’ve been wanting to see), book into a Travelodge in London city centre and be a stone’s throw from all the major sights and child-friendly museums.

The sheer volume of museums that you could choose from in the city is exhaustive, but these three offerings are some of the most popular, for all the right reasons.

Natural History Museum
If you’ve ever been to a local natural history museum, you’d be forgiven in thinking that every museum of this ilk involves badly made papier mache models of dinosaurs and dust-ridden exhibits of taxidermy animals and skeletons. That’s not what this London beast of a museum has within its walls and is totally worth a visit. The life-size diplodocus that towers above you as you walk into the main foyer is a reason in itself to come to see what’s in store and that’s without even touching on the other fascinating displays and interactive exhibits that can be found here.

Science Museum
Even a child with the attention span of a gnat will find plenty to keep them enthralled at the Science Museum, with ample opportunity to get stuck into science and experience things for themselves. From hands on exhibits in the Launchpad area to a gargantuan telescope and the Legend of Apollo 4D cinema, all aspects of science are on show here. Plus, throughout the school holidays, you could treat your kids to tickets for The Energy Show in the IMAX theatre – perfect for the curious mind.

British Museum
It’s well worth a visit to the British Museum, if only to ogle for hours in the Egyptian section – kids seem to love it in there! With plenty of different trails to suit various ages, you can guarantee that the children’s attention will be maintained for as long as possible.
Make sure you check out the family events beforehand – a range of workshops are carried out throughout the summer holidays to keep idle hands busy.

If you have time, make sure you take your brood to the V&A Museum of Childhood too – they’ll love the exhibits on show and you will enjoy the trip down memory lane, too!