Today I took my kids to the doctor with me because no one was available to babysit.

I knew going in to the appointment that it was going to be a challenge.

First of all, we all slept in. My appointment was near Rockefeller Center at 11:20. the kids and I got out the door of our house (in Brooklyn) at 10:40.

I knew already that I was going to be late. I was right! We arrived at the doctor’s office 20 minutes late.

“Sarah,” said the receptionist Nydia knowingly “You missed your appointment.”
“Nydia please! Please I came all the way here with my kids because no one could watch them today. You know how that is.”
I was using my knowledge that Nydia had a three year-old.
“Oh I totally know,” she said. “Let me see what I can do.” She winked at me.
After a quick call she came back and said
“Okay, the doctor will see you during his lunch.”
“Thank you!” I exclaimed. I wanted to make out with her I was so grateful. Except that it was 11:40 and I had to wait with my kids until 12:30 to see the doctor.

There were several elderly folks in the waiting room smiling and making nice encouraging comments while my children ran wild.

I don’t have a picture of this, but Samara became obsessed with the water cooler and kept running over to it and pushing the button that told the water to start flowing.

The elderly people kept saying over and over again how I had my hands full.

At one point one of the nurses came into the waiting room and offered the kids candy. Well, it couldn’t get any crazier, I thought. Why not?

So Ari and Samara ate Almond Joys and
Peanut M&Ms.

The same nurse blew up latex gloves into
balloons and gave them to the kids to play with.

By the time 12:30 hit I was physically and emotionally exhausted.

When I stepped into the doctor’s office to actually have a real conversation with him, Ari and Samara fought over what chair they would sit in and argued loudly over a prescription advertisement magnet and a stuffed penguin on the doctor’s desk.

Thankfully my doctor is awesome and didn’t care. He was also super nice to them.

By the time we left I wanted to take a nap.

The next time I have no one to watch my kids and a doctor’s appointment, I am rescheduling that shit.