Today I took Samara to school. Ari stayed home, so it was just the two of us. Since I returned the shitty $27 stroller to Target, all I have left is the double stroller. I wasn’t about to take one child in the double stroller. That didn’t make any sense. So I carried Samara to school in a sling.

She stayed in the carrier the entire train ride and half of the walk from the train to school. Then she said “I want to get out!” So I took her out and she held my hand
and walked down the street.

On the way home from school, perhaps she was less tired, because she walked all the way from school to the train, down several flights of subway stairs, once we got to Brooklyn up several flights of subway stairs, then down the street, and finally up three flights of stairs up to our apartment.

Samara is a bad ass. She can stand tall and proud and walk miles. Well maybe it was more like a half a mile and she stopped at random building gates, but still. I am proud of my girl!