Until today, my couches were white and had stains on them. I got them off of craiglist for super cheap. One day, my friend Alex was over and she said, “you know, you could totally dye these couches.”

The idea sounded intriguing, so I asked her to tell me more.
“Well, we just buy some dye and do it! A lot of dye.” She said with a laugh.

Alex is an artist, so she had a vision.

I told her I wanted purple couches.

One day, my friend Zahir and I were hanging out in the Fader garden.  Alex came over to drop off a cat toy for Egreck. Suddenly a plan hatched in my head. “Okay guys, next Sunday, we’re dying the couches.”

The two of them laughed, but they realized that they were signed up this task.

Alex went to a fabric store and bought a lot of dye.

Today, here’s what happened:

Thank you team couch, Alex and Zahir for making these works of art!