One day when I was watching my friend Cori’s kids, (who are 3 and 1) she gave me a box. It wasn’t an ordinary box. It was from Citrus Lane. 

“Here,” She said “We get a box every month from this company, and there’s always something fun in it.”
I opened the box not knowing what I would find. We were presented with a “make your own fruit” project. There were all different fabric fruits including an apple, a pear, and an eggplant. The kids got to decorate their own fruits. They loved the project. 
I decided to write to Citrus Lane and see what kind of box they would send me for review. 
I received a reply from the lovely Jason, over at C.L. He sent me an awesome box which included animal castanets!
Traditionally castanets come in pairs. But I thought it was only fair that each of my kids got their own toy, because I’m fair like that, yo!
The box also came with this super awesome recycled tupperware and bowls, and organic pureed fruit. 
I think the idea of getting a box with surprise toys and fun things every month is exciting, and that’s what Citrus Lane gives to parents and their kids ages 0-5. 
Guess what people? I’m about to hook you up.  If you sign up and use the code BREAK10 you’ll get 10 percent off your subscription to surprise boxes at Citrus Lane
Let me know what you get in your box!