Through the magical land of the internet, I managed to find my favorite jewelry designer. His name is Zachary Pryor, and he is amazing. I’m a little sad that he lives all the way in Portland. But luckily I can buy his beautiful creations online!

He created this:

A little more about Zachary

Lonely in the woods of northern Maine with miles between him & the nearest neighbors – Zachary Pryor found that trees & his own creativity were his two best friends. He focused on his painting career for his teen and young adult years and soon after relocating to New York -turned this work into “wearable art.” Zachary kicked a hole in his favorite painting while moving apartments on the subway. Unwilling to part with it he cut into strips, affixed snaps and after several compliments he figured he had a desirable product. These hand-painted wares have now evolved into surreal comedic pop art pieces that deal with the lightness and darkness in us all.

Zachary stumbled upon his jewelry-making prowess quite accidentally, but has found that it is his true calling. He watched a metal mining documentary in the early stages of his jewelry career, so now most of what he makes is “up-cycled” as mining new metals is terrible for the environment. He collects pieces from estate sales, flea markets and antique shops from across the country so many of his pieces have a history, a story and are truly one-of-a-kind. If they don’t have a story all their own, he makes one up calling upon his colorful past. 

So…want to win the vintage key necklace?

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Contest ends 12/18/12