Dara came over on Saturday, and she transformed what was chaos into a room that Ari could play in.

I didn’t think it was possible. I was overwhelmed by the amount of junk in Ari’s room. I couldn’t conceive of this room being one in which Ari could play comfortably. 
Once again, Dara showed me that change was possible. She was able to transform tis once chaotic frenetic space into a place where Ari and Samara could play together.

Now Ari actually wants to be in his room. He wants to find toys and build imaginary worlds in there. In contrast to before where he wanted nothing to do with that frenzied space.
Dara had another brilliant idea. She gets a lot of those. 
She moved Wil’s dresser from Ari’s room (where it clearly didn’t belong) into our bedroom closet, which wasn’t being utilized properly. Our closet was filled to the brim with junk.

Dara had a vision. She always does.

She imagined that Wil’s dresser could fit in the closet. That would never have occurred to me. She was right!

Thank you lovely Dara! You are amazing! 
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