I turned 33 yesterday, October 17th 2012. It was epic. I started the day by working out at the Y with my awesome friend Bonnie. Then my parents took me out to The Chocolate Room where I had a brownie sundae. After that, my soul brother Roy came down from Westchester and taught Ari and I some Kung Fu on the playground.

Check it:

It was awesome. Moms were watching us learn Kung Fu and they were transfixed by what they saw. Then random children started doing Kung Fu moves along side us.


After our Kung Fu playground adventure, we talked about the apocalypse that may or may not happen, among other topics. Ari ate a lollipop on the way home, and refused to walk, but Roy convinced him to move onward.

We got back to my place, and my parents, Roy, Wil, Samara and Ari and I ordered pizza and talked about the 5th grade opera, the Obama Romney debate, Degrassi The Next Generation, and why Wil refuses to watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the TV series.

Year 33 started out with a bang, and a Kung Fu kick. Let’s make this a year to remember.