When you post things on the internet, sometimes people look at them! That’s what happened to me. I posted a silly video about how natural deodorant has not worked for me and has (in fact) made me smell like sewage. You can watch that video here.

Fortunately, Kristi from the Geodeo natural deodorant company was watching. Kristi came to save the day! She offered to send me a year supply of Geodeo, and another year supply for a lucky reader.

Thanks Kristi! Sorry, I totally called you Kristen in the video, but you get the point. 

Check it out:

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**Disclosure – I received free Geo Deo! Aren’t I lucky? The best part about it was I actually liked it! Also, I wanted I wasn’t paid for this post. It doesn’t matter though, because (once again) I really like this deodorant. Yay!