Wil and I often talked about this day together, the first day that Ari would start school. In the past he told me:
“You’re gonna cry.”
I thought he was right. I was sure that the moment I left Ari in the hands of his new Pre-K teacher I would start to tear up.

But I was wrong. I didn’t cry. In fact, it was quite the opposite feeling, I was happy. I was excited for him. I just knew he would love school.
Part of it was that I’d heard great things about this particular teacher and I specifically requested her. But other than that, I know my kid, and I know he’s dying to meet new friends, play with toys, and learn new things about the world.
I think Wil is more emotional about this day than I am.

My only worry at this point is not about Ari, it’s about me. It’s about the parents. I’m way too weird and crazy for any of the parents to like me, I think. And it’s hard for me to edit myself and pretend to be “normal.”
Hopefully, Ari will make friends and so will I.
How was your first day of school?