I was on Facebook this morning, and I posted what was on my mind, I needed a haircut, and one that didn’t cost 1.5 million dollars, one that didn’t leave me looking like this:

Enter my dear friend, Kyle. Here’s what happened:

Uponing reading this post, I had a giant smile on my face, and I called Vardit immediately. She said that Kyle just happened to be coming in for a hair appointment today! She suggested that we surprise her and I come in for my cut right after Kyle’s appointment.
“She will be so surprised, it’ll be great.” Vardit said.

“Would it be all right if I brought my kids?” I asked Vardit over the phone.
“Sure!” She said warmly. “Just bring something to entertain them.” I thought for a moment and then I knew just who to bring:

My mom and I drove uptown to 102nd street, and we headed to Riverside Park to kill some time before the appointment. After we ran around in the park, we headed to Vardit’s studio.
As soon as we entered, I immediately felt at home. Vardit was so welcoming, and warm. I felt like she was a second Jewish mother.
She felt the texture of my hair, and talked to me about what I wanted to do with it. I told her about my terrible haircut, and she concurred that my hair needed some serious shaping. She asked me if I’d be all right with some long layers to which I replied:
“Yes! That would be great!”
The next thing that occurred was truly magical.

And the final result was this:

Vardit, you are an artist. I’m never going to a cheap salon ever again!

Thank you, Kyle! This is truly the best haircut I’ve ever had in my entire curly girl life.