There’s something about me that you may not know, but you will know it after today. I hate pigeons. I don’t think I never realized how much I actually hated them until today.

Let me tell you a story.
Ari, Samara and I went to the playground.
We had a pit stop at Blue Sky Bakery on the way there. Ari got a cookie and Samara and I picked up muffins, Pumpkin Apple Walnut for her and Zucchini triple berry for me. I also got a iced coffee with half and half and cinnamon. I packed it all in a paper bag and we headed to the playground with the goods.
Upon arriving at the playground, I sat on a bench and set the kids loose to play.
Guess what?
They didn’t want to go anywhere. All they wanted to do was sit on the bench and watch the pigeons, who were hanging around next to the bench where I was trying to drink my iced coffee in peace.
I love my children, but I brought them to the playground so that they would leave me alone.
I wanted them to go find someone else to play with besides me so that I could enjoy my iced coffee, and have a moment to not think.
The pigeons were so captivated by my breakfast that they would not leave me the hell alone, and therefore, my kids would not leave the bench. It was a vicious cycle. Want to know more?
Is it too much to ask to be able to have a solitary moment without the company of rats with wings?
I hate pigeons. Do you?