I never call a babysitter. I’m with my kids all day every day. Unless Wil is home from work and he watches them, or my parents hang out with them for an hour or two.
But the other day, none of those options were available to me, and I started to panic, because I had an acupuncture appointment that I really didn’t want to miss.
I thought long and hard about my predicament and then I realized I had another option.
I recalled Ari’s visits to Playtime. I remembered the Artist Sitters from Sitters Studio.
Ari loved hanging out with the Artist Sitters, while I went to the theater! For those of you that aren’t familiar with Sitters Studio, it’s very unique, because the baby sitters are also artists of some kind, whether it be actors, dancers, circus performers or poets.
I headed to Google and found Sitters Studio, and gave them a call. I was greeted by a gregarious Robby in customer service. He told me what the rates were, and assured me that he would find me an awesome babysitter would would mesh with my kids’ personalities, which I described to him in detail over the phone.
Hi Robby, if you’re reading this, you’re amazing!
Robby sent me the bio for Allison, the Artist Sitterwho would be coming the next day. I was psyched because in her bio, which talked about her experience in theater and dance, it also said that she had over 10 years of experience working with kids!
Allison came over and she was full of sunshine and rainbows! I loved her instantly and so did my kids.

After I spent 10 minutes looking for my keys, I finally got out the door, and I felt very assured leaving my kids with Allison. She listened to everything I told her about the kids, and seemed very competent.
My husband came home to pick up the kids from Allison, and he told me that Ari could not stop talking about what a great time he and Allison had together. They made robot drawings, and did collage art together.

Samara even participated!

Allison even left us with a report card of what the kids did when they were with her, what they ate, and other fun observations that she noticed about them, such as “Ari is very creative” and “Samara is adorable.”
Well Allison, you’re adorable, and we can’t wait for you to come play with us again!
Thank you Sitters Studio for a wonderful childcare experience.
For more information about Sitters Studio click here!