Hello, Auntie Mint here.

I participate in a program called Influenster where I receive complimentary products for testing and review purposes.

I recently got a “VoxBox” full of goodies such as razors, tea, chocolates etc… but there was only one product in the box that I felt passionate enough about to ask osnsmom if I could hijack her blog for a review.

That product was Kiss Nail Dress. They are easy to apply/no dry time nail decals.

I don’t even have kids of my own and I manage to mess up my nails within an hour of painting them so I can only imagine it must be nearly impossible to keep your manicure neat with kids!

That’s where Kiss Nail Dress comes in. All you do is stick the decals on, clip and file the ends, and voila – perfect nails that can’t get messed up for days and days!

The design I got was like Crackle or Shatter polish but there are 17 other designs to choose from and they should be about $7 at your drugstore.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.