Since Wil worked so hard getting Ari to use the potty yesterday, I decided to let him sleep in and work with Ari myself.

This morning I took his diaper off and instead of letting him roam around naked, I put him in Thomas underwear. He promptly peed on himself and all over the kitchen floor.

Grandma and Grandpa Fader came up with some bribery: a case of tiny plastic cars they got on 42nd Street for a bargain price. I emptied the cars into a Target bag and showed them to Ari.

He was immediately intrigued. I told him he could have one car if he peed on the potty and two if he pooped. It took a while, but after several visits to the potty every 30 minutes he finally peed twice! He got a car each time.

I was in a great mood, until lunch time. I went into the kitchen while Ari was in the living room ostensibly playing with his toys. When I returned to the living room bearing lunch, I found this:

That was about 1 % of the mess. There was yellow paint all over the floor and all over Ari! Needless to say, a wardrobe change occurred as well a visit to the bathroom sink.

Then it was time for lunch:

To be continued.