Today something exciting occurred: Ari met Ari from Duane Reade! My doctor’s appointment happened to be in Ari From Duane Reade’s neck of the woods. My mom, Ari and I stopped by DR to pick up a prescription. Guess what little Ari found first:

Then Duane Reade Ari stopped by to say hello!

Duane Reade Ari noted that little Ari was excellent at sorting the cars by color! He seemed to avoid all the brightly colored cars, for some reason, and separated the black limos, trucks and police cars into a giant pile. Maybe these were the cars he wanted to take home?

Duane Reade Ari and little Ari exchanged greetings and then my mom and I scrambled to put all the sorted cars back on display before we headed back to Brooklyn. Little Ari managed to convince us to purchase these two beauties before we left:

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