When we were teenagers and I was just beginning to use tampons, my best friend Mint warned me about the dangers of regular store brand tampons. Standard tampons that you might purchase in a drugstore or supermarket contain bleach and (more specifically) the chemical dioxin. The bleached tampons containing dioxin (according to research studies) may cause cancer. Click here for more information.

Mint introduced me to Jade and Pearl’s Sea Sponge tampon.

I used the sea sponge tampon for years. They are 100% natural and harvested from the sea by divers!

I have to warn you, the reason I stopped using them (years ago) was that they were so comfortable that I forgot that I had one in and left it for two weeks after my period accidentally. Whoops! That experience disturbed me, but (upon reflection) I realized that this is the sign of a great product!

When I use ordinary tampons, I find them so uncomfortable that I’m constantly aware of their existence. The fact that I forgot about the sea sponge being in my body leads me to believe that it is a comfortable and body intuitive product.

It even comes with a pouch so you can put it in your bag and it’s protected when you’re traveling

I just ordered two packs of them. I am excited to begin using them again. But this time I’m going to remember to remove it!

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the sea sponge tampon below to get your own eco-friendly tampon!

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