Yesterday, I was at my and brother and sister-in-law’s place visiting my niece who had a cold. Despite my parent’s warnings, (“don’t bring the baby! He’ll get sick!”) I brought my son along because he LOVES his 8 year old niece. We were hanging out and the topic of my son’s lack of milk consumption came up. My sister-in-law suggested that we try out the popsicle maker that my niece got for Xmas; we could make “milk popsicles.” I thought we’d better try to spice up the milk popsicle by adding some cocoa. My sister-in-law searched her pantry for cocoa, and found this:

Yes, folks I left my pajama pants and feet in the picture on purpose. I like them.

She told me I could have it! I was so excited. Needless to say, the homemade popsicles were semi-successful, my son did manage to suck on them for increments of time and then he got bored and went on (to my dismay) to knock over their Xmas tree.

My niece and I frantically cleaned his mess up afterward.

When I got home that evening and my son was asleep, I decided to try this kit. I am happy to report it was a success! The great thing about it is you can make the entire thing in the microwave! You also have the option of using a stove but I was tired and lazy and decided to go for the quick route to sweets. Check out the results:

If you are interested in trying this kit click here or below: