I have known for a while now that my son is an animal lover. He particularly loves Egreck, my incredibly amiable black cat.

We often refer to Egreck and Simon (my other cat) as my son’s “uncles.” They are family to him.

The other day, a package arrived in the mail addressed to my son. I opened it on his behalf and found this:

A present from Mint, in the package was the other book in the spoken word series that my son responded to so well. Click here for previous post. Despite the book’s robotic tone, it had inspired my son to say “mom” and “mama” for the first time at 18 months.

The new book is all about animals. The robotic voice exclaims “Kitty! A kitty cat is soft. Meow!”
This is particularly exciting because my son has never uttered the word “cat” or “kitty” though he does making meowing sounds to the cats.

I am hoping that this spoken word book will coax my son to identify his favorite animal aloud.

For more information on these spoken word books click here.