Before I had a child I could barely stay up past 11pm. I know, it’s sort of pathetic; but, I was a “day person.”

After I had my son, my inner clock was entirely re-wired and I was no longer a “day person.” In fact, I don’t know what I am anymore. I have grown used to be arisen at whatever hour is convenient for my son.

Which leads me to my latest obsession: the midnight movie.

Living in New York City, one has access to this late night treat, and now that my sleep schedule is all out of wack, I fully appreciate the midnight movie.

Some weeks ago, my boyfriend promised to take me to the see “New Moon” (the latest film adaptation of the Twilight book saga) upon it’s release. We decided that we would take a nap, at 9pm, and when we woke up we would head out to the midnight show. He had already arranged for my mom to babysit; which required her sitting on the couch, drinking tea and watching TV since our boy was sound asleep.

Good things about the midnight show:
1. We found parking almost immediately. Since it is not a high traffic time, it was easy to secure street parking at a meter, which (by the way) we did not have to pay for since it was after 7pm!
2. There were available tickets since this is an odd hour to watch a film.
3. Since it was after dinner, we could just zip over to the movies and zip back. We didn’t have to worry about waiting for food at a restaurant.
4. The ride home took 5 minutes because there were virtually no cars out on the road.

I love the midnight movie. I think we may make this one a regular event.

Generally, when I am at a restaurant table without my child, my attention span goes out the window and I sit there continuously thinking/worrying about my son. Please note, that I have the opportunity to go out to eat 0.00001 % of the time.