Although I am with my son the majority of the time, there are days when I have to work. Today was one of those days. Instead of spending the day with his mama, my son had the pleasure of spending time with my best friend, Mint, who I have known since I was 12 years old.

On this particular day, Mint took my son to FAO Schwarz for their Barefoot Books Story Time session which occurs at 11am, 1pm and 3pm on Tuesdays and is FREE! Actually, Barefoot Books Story Time occurs almost daily. See end of post for details.

Since I wasn’t there for this excursion, I think it’s only fair that I interview Mint, personally, about their day together.

1. How was the subway ride there?

It was fun. I was guaranteed a seat! I loved that every time the doors opened at a stop, Ari pointed and said “AAh!” And then I would say “Not yet.” And he would relax until the next stop.

He also liked staring intently (menacingly?) at whoever sat next to me.

2. How did Ari react to all the toys?

He seemed perplexed and slightly frustrated by the many toys in boxes. It was like the possibility of toys without actually being able to play with them.

We did find some open toys which interested him briefly. He had more fun watching other kids and pushing the stroller.

**Please note, this video was taken after Ari had already pushed the stroller in a circular motion four times. By this point he was tiring of it.

3. Did he get to see the piano from the movie “Big”?

He wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. He was basically like “get me off this thing now!” I thought he might cry but he didn’t. He was more interested in the large windows behind it overlooking 58th Street.

4. How did he like Story Time?

Since we went to the later Story Time, he was pretty exhausted by that point. He almost took a nap on one of the pillows that were put out to sit on. During the first story he was more interested in the babies and one of dads. He really enjoyed the songs and the guitar. And I know he was paying attention to the second story, because when an older kid sat in front of him blocking the book, he started pointing frantically at him until he moved.

6. Sounds exciting! Did he nap at all during the day?

Very briefly in the morning. And then (as expected) he conked out on the train ride home. Right before he fell asleep, I even used his sleepiness as a justification for why he would not smile at the lady sitting next to me no matter how much she waved at him in attempt to break his intense stare.

It sounds like a great day! Mint even brought back an event calender from Barefoot books. For more information about Barefoot Books Story Time, visit their website here.