Let’s face it; as much as I would like to think I’ve got it together, it’s a lie. I am often overwhelmed by the stress of

–caring for my son
–maintaining my two “real” jobs
–caring for my boyfriend
–caring for myself

There are more items that I could add to this list but it would literally take me all day so I’ll spare you the gross details.

The truth is, I am stressed out. There I said it. I’ve had enough and I want to freak out. So what do I do? I go to my favorite freak out place: the bathroom.

One very wise mother of two turned me on to this fantastic space to cry in. Some people swear by screaming into a pillow, throwing things. I say go to the bathroom, take a shower and cry your eyes out. It works for me!

So next time you feel like you are going to loose your mind. Give your child to someone you trust and go cry in the bathroom!