You may be wondering why this blog is called Old School/New School Mom. Well, wonder no more!

In raising my son, I believe that it is important to take parenting ideas and advice from the previous generation (AKA the Old School) and also integrate parenting advice from our peers (AKA the New School).

You will be a better parent, I believe, if you are able to integrate these two worlds together.

For example, in previous generations, they didn’t rely so heavily on fancy electronic baby toys to entertain our kids. They simply read to their children, let them crawl around on the floor; explore and learn by doing. I like this idea. Old School.

However, I have to admit, that there are some fancy electronic flashy baby toys that are pretty neat. So I am not ruling them out all together. For example, there is a Baby Einstein toy that lights up, plays random classical music, and has interesting objects to touch that my son adores.

See? He loves it. But if you’ll notice, he is also holding a plastic bottle in his right hand that he also adores. So, he loves a lot of things, Old School and New School.

The point is, you can draw from different schools of thought to raise your child. I think this integration makes for a more well rounded child.