Close to the Chest and Self Love in Romantic Relationships

I'm an enigma. I seem to be emotionally open, and yet I'm afraid to reveal how I feel at times. This has caused me some problems in romantic relationships. On the surface, it seems to be clear how I feel and yet there's so much more than meets the eye. How do you become truly [...]

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Learning to go with the flow

When I was a kid, I used to hear this expression all the time: go with the flow. I was an imaginative child, so I had several different variations of visuals pop into my head when I heard this. One was my period, I know I was weird. Another one was a gushing waterfall, and [...]

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When I hide

I hide when I am tired, shutting down, needing a break. It's not that I don't care about you. It's not that I'm selfish, it's not that I don't want to be your friend. I just can't help anyone right now. I'm trying to help myself and even that is challenging. I know that hiding [...]

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You gotta talk to someone

UGH, I hate talking about my problems. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I seem like an open book, but we all have secrets. We all have things that we'd rather not talk about. So I got to therapy and vomit out what I'm aware of and not too scared to admit. That's not impressive or [...]

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Little by little I am getting better. I'm not sure what I'm getting better at or from. I just know that I am getting better. That's cool, right? I mean, it's better than getting worse. How many times can I say the word "better?" I think it's five so far. Maybe I should have titled [...]

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The Depression Diet

I have been on a diet lately. It's an impromptu diet as in I didn't plan for it. I don't have a great appetite right now and I find that I am forcing myself to eat. I'm accepting that this is the way things are right now. It comes along with depression for me. Some [...]

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Thoughts Roll In

Lost in thought, wondering how I can find the road back to where I am supposed to go. There's no supposed to. We enter this world with no instructions and we live according to our brains or our hearts. I admire people who listen to their brain over their heart. I lead with emotions, which [...]

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