I hate changing the cat litter. it’s the worst. But, now I’m actually excited to scoop it because…I got Pretty Litter!

I have to admit, I’ve been eyeing Pretty Litter since Facebook keeps suggesting it in sponsored ads. It was so cool-looking! It’s, well…pretty! Look it at!!!

Not only is Pretty litter beautiful to look at, but it’s practical and could save your cat’s life. First of all, it lasts for 30 days. I’m not joking folks. You need to scoop daily, but you don’t have to change the litter for a month. WHAT? Crazy and cool. Secondly, it turns cool colors when your cat pees.

Dark Green or Blue
This color indicates that your cat’s urine is high in alkaline.
It could mean an increased risk of stone formations in the bladder.
Certain kinds of bacteria could cause a feline urinary tract infection.

Yellow to Orange
This color means that your cat’s urine is acidic. It could also indicate:
Kidney disease
Metabolic acidosis
Calcium oxalate crystal formation

The red color means the presence of blood in your cat’s urine. Possible health issues include:
Bladder inflammation
Bladder stones
Bladder cancer
Renal pathology

Pretty Litter has been a life saver for my cats, quite literally. The other amazing thing about it is that it doesn’t smell! Even though you’re not changing it for 30 days.

The Pretty Litter people sent over some bags to try and it’s been a dream. They also included their formula of cat food called: Pretty Please.

My cats adore it.

Now it’s your turn to win some bags of Pretty Litter for your cats, in honor of #LoveMyPetDay

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