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My Son, The Bully

I went away for the weekend to a place where my son was around many children. We were in the suburbs, and we often found ourselves hanging out in the backyard. Being a city kid, my son has limited access to greenery so we take what we can get.He quickly became obsessed with a Little [...]

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A Tantrum Victory

This morning I was cooking chicken drumsticks for my boyfriend to take to work for lunch. I was in and out of the kitchen and my son was crawling all around the living room during this time finding interesting things to play with.I re-entered the living room and he approached me, lifted his arms up [...]

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Mommy! Where Did You Go?

Ah babies! They always keep you on your toes. If its not teething, gas, excretion of some kind or all the other wonderful things that come along with being a mom, it's this; separation anxiety.My son will be 14 months in July. Shortly after his first birthday he has started to cling to me like [...]

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What Lovely Teeth You Have!

I have been writing this mom blog for some time now, and I cannot believe that I have never addressed the issue of teething! It's such a common annoyance that both babies and moms alike have to deal with.Lucky me, my son began teething at 3 months old. His first two teeth (the bottom ones) [...]

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Waaaaa! I want it now!

My son is 13 months, but you would think he was already two because...the tantrums have begun.He zooms up to my computer and bangs on the keyboard with his little hands which are surprisingly strong. I quickly run up to him, remove him from the situation and place him in front of a zillion baby-friendly [...]

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How Many Months Are You?

Before I had my son, I would run into adorable children on the street and ask:"Aw! How old is your son?"And the mother would reply:"He's 19 months."At that moment I would internally roll my eyes and laugh. 19 months? How old is that really? When you ask an adult how old they are they give [...]

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The Transition to Solid Foods

My son has been eating baby food jars since he was six months old. I only feed him organic baby food because I feel that it has the purest ingredients for his little body. His favorite brand is Earth's Best Organic Baby Food However, he is having a really hard time transitioning from pureed baby [...]

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