Seeking Advice on Grabbing, Hitting and Other Undesirable Behaviors

Hi. My name is Sarah Fader and I have a problem. My two year old son, Ari (who I love more than anything in the world) grabs toys from other kids. He also hits other children. Though I realize that this behavior is normal for his age, I still don't know how to discipline him [...]

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The Writing On The Wall

It's been a long day. I was spacing out on the couch, and Ari was happily drawing in his notebook with his crayons, so I thought. Turns out I was wrong."Oh my G-d!" I heard Wil exclaim from the other couch. Wil is a really mellow guy, so I knew something truly shocking must be [...]

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Toddler Headstands

Recently, my son has developed a fascination with standing on his head. Sometimes I do it with him.I was thinking about going on craigslist and buying a used gymnastics mat to further his love of headstands and other acrobatics.He's not the only toddler I've seen stand on his head! My friend Josina's son ( and [...]

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On Crawling: Christine Labeste, Pediatric O.T. Speaks

As a child, I had a difficult time learning to hold a pencil. I later found out that this was connected to the fact that I skipped that crawling stage as a baby! I sat down with Christine Labeste, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, to get the scoop on crawling. Here's what she had to say: ' [...]

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Immunity to Injury

Yesterday my parents were babysitting my son while my boyfriend and I were out. When we returned my dad had an ominous look on his face."I have to tell you something." He said, the guilt so apparent that it was leaking off of his face." What?" I asked, already annoyed."Ari the bed and bumped [...]

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