My son has been eating baby food jars since he was six months old. I only feed him organic baby food because I feel that it has the purest ingredients for his little body. His favorite brand is Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food

However, he is having a really hard time transitioning from pureed baby foods to solid foods at a year of age.

He likes certain solid foods a lot. But his issue with solid food is mainly the texture. He finds the texture of many solid foods unpleasant. I offer them to him and he spits them out instantly.

So far he has rejected:

–avocado – which everyone insists is a winner. He says – not so much.
–peas – I put a pea in his mouth, he sticks his tongue out and the pea shoots back out onto the high chair tray.
–salad – He doesn’t know what to make of it, so he throws it on the floor.
–boiled carrots – same tongue action as the peas
–broccoli- It’s so weird looking, it must be a toy
–black beans – he makes a strange face, sticks his tongue out and the beans fall to the floor
–most vegetables in general – he hates the texture and the taste

So far he likes:
–breaded baked chicken breast – I cut it into little pieces and he eats it all up. Loves it!
–steak- I marinate it it olive oil and soy sauce and also cut it into tiny pieces. Loves it
–bananas- Who doesn’t love bananas?
–spinach – but only if it is sauteed in garlic and olive oil and hidden in a piece of steak
–oatmeal – I wish I could explain this one. It’s so bland. But he loves it.
–yogurt- creamy delicious yogurt. He loves it.
–scrambled eggs- soft and easy to eat. But only eats them if there is salt and pepper on them and if they are made with olive oil
–bread- soft and chewy, it is his new pacifier when I am out at a restaurant
–Cherrios – bite sized, he can feed himself ten at a time now. He is totally addicted

He is quite a fussy eater. I’ve asked his pediatrician about the transition from baby food purees to solid foods. She says that it takes time, and that I shouldn’t give up. Just keep offering him different choices of foods. She also says that kid’s tastes change. He may not like avocado now, but I should try it again at some point.

I don’t know…so far he’s rejected avocado on three distinct occasions.

I wrote to Earth’s Best to see if they had any suggestions with regard to the solid food transition. Hopefully they will have some advice to offer.